Welcome to the 'Carrickminders' web site

This is the virtual home of the group that occupied the Carrickmines Castle archaeological site in South County Dublin, Ireland for 155 days, ending January 2003. We are protesting against the routing of the M50 Motorway through this National Monument, as well as the manner in which archaeological digs (.pdf) are currently being performed. Despite the fact that road building, by Dun Laoghaire County Council and the National Roads Authority, has reached the edges of the castle enclosure on either side, Carrickminders are standing firm, in the wake of our recent victory in the Supreme Court, where we secured an injunction against removal of the medieval fosse. We are planning to escalate our efforts to come up with a reasonable solution that allows from preservation of the castle, of the beekeepers, and continuation of the motorway.

Carrickmines Castle has always occupied a strategically important position, at the edge of the Pale, on the frontier between Dublin and the Wicklow Mountains. Historically this area was home to native Irish, Welsh, Vikings and Norman French. The castle site lies at the heart of a narrow valley between the mountains and the Irish Sea. Before the Normans overtook the site in the twelfth century, and built the defensive castle, the site had an important function; to protect the surrounding lands. Today these lands include Jackson Way properties, which lie almost adjacent to the castle, and are the subject of the Flood Tribunal investigation into planning corruption. That tribunal has been asked to investigate excavations at Carrickmines Castle.

Today, Carrickmines Castle is strategically one of the most pivotal sites in Ireland. The array of forces currently amassing around the issue is staggering. Carrickminders are seeking 100% preservation of the castle site, which can be achieved easily by taking out the interchange planned for Carrickmines and bending the road slightly to avoid the site.